Digital handle straight

Straight handle with code lock for balcony doors and windows

Handle with code lock for balcony doors and windows

  • Mechatronic handle for inside mounting on balcony doors / windows
  • Hidden screw assembly
  • Standard mounting dimensions
  • Touch keypad that is awakened by moving your finger from 1-4
  • Visual feedback when entering code
  • Unlocked by a six digit code
  • Locked by moving your finger from 1-4 (or 4-1)
  • User code saved even if battery dies
  • User code can easily be changed
  • Powered by two 1,5 V Alkaline AAA batteries, lasting approx. two years with regular use of handle
  • Handle warns at low battery power
  • Handle fits most door frames, even those with low mandrels and tight opening radius
  • Pivot shaft is available as square 7- or 8-mm. Booth dimensions available in lengths of 43, 60 and 110 mm
  • Handle is blocked after the wrong code is entered five times
  • Handle can withstand known manipulation methods, such as lockpicking, hits, vibrations, air pressure and magnetic interference
  • Manufactured by matt chrome or black powder coated zinc, stainless steel and nylon
  • Temperatures: 0–70°C
  • Approved according to Swedish standard SS-3620:2017 class B (download certificate)
  • Manufactured in Sweden
  • Patent pending product