Designed by Industrilås

Stylish and easy

Vision Home™ is a series of code lock handles, designed to make life easier. No longer do you need to think about where you placed the key to the patio or balcony door. With the new Vision Home™ Connected the handle is also connected to an app in your smartphone, allowing you to lock and unlock from the outside via Bluetooth.

The stylish design makes Vision Home™ a natural part of every modern home. The handles are available in five versions and you can choose between black or chrome finish.

Easy, stylish and safe. As it should be.

Designed and manufactured in Sweden

Behind Vision  Home is Industrilås, a global supplier of access solutions for all types o findustrial applications. Under the name Vision Home, we use the knowledge and experience we have gained over 40 years to develop products for the home market.

Where style and usability are the key words we live by.




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Download a copy as PDF.



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